Impregna marine building material

Our products are excellent as marine building materials and we supply the market with, among other things, piling timber and timber for stone caissons for the construction of jetties and piers.

Impregna piling timber

The products we manufacture and market to international power grid owners are rigorously quality assured to ensure an operationally reliable and uninterrupted transmission of electricity for several decades. We have transferred our leading technical expertise in electricity distribution to offer piling timber of the same rigorously high quality, primarily to construction companies.

Our piling timber is available in spruce that is always unimpregnated or pine of lengths of up to 23 metres. We exclusively offer new wood, both unimpregnated and impregnated in CU or wood protection treated in Repellent. Our fine-textured Swedish pine poles are impregnated according to NTR-A-Pole.

We have large stocks of piling timber in Ludvika, Dalarna county and in Kälarne, Jämtland county and we can make fast delivery to desired destinations with special transport.

Stone caissons for jetties and piers

The stone caisson is Sweden’s most common type of jetty and, unlike the floating form of jetty, is fixed and does not move with ice and weather. It has the longest service life of all jetty types and in addition to landing and berthing, it also provides shelter from waves. A stone caisson usually consists of cube-shaped wooden structures in which wooden beams are knotted together and reinforced with bolts or dowels (wooden plugs). In addition to the caisson being filled with stone, they are also often piled to improve stability against ice movement and because the jetty can otherwise sink into the bottom sediment over time. A good wooden structure will last for many years, depending on the extent of repair over time.

We tailor all wooden material required to build stone caisson jetties and we can of course tailor the wooden material for your particular jetty!

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