We market a wide range of special products treated with wood protection, ranging from telephone and power line poles, sleepers, brace anchors, EBR kits to AB Impregna’s tailored special adaptations.

The great majority of our products are made from fine-textured quality Swedish pine wood (Pinus sylvestris), each tree being carefully selected in the forest within a limited geographical area in Sweden, north of 60 degrees latitude and in accordance with strict requirements that ensure high quality and durability. Fine-textured quality pine trees with very dense annual rings grow slowly in the forest and are up to 150 years old when we harvest them.

Impregnated poles

Our impregnated telephone and power line poles convey sound, electricity and light over large parts of the world.

Impregnated poles


Track, switching and bridge sleepers are manufactured in accordance with the Swedish Transport Administration’s technical regulations. We have regular dimensions for fast delivery.


AB Impregna

Specially adapted wood

AB Impregna is our expert division for the production of specially adapted timber according to your specifications and of the highest quality.

Specially adapted wood – AB Impregna

Rundvirke Poles is certified according to industry standards and we constantly develop our environmental and quality work.