Specially adapted wood
– AB Impregna

AB Impregna is our expert division for the production of specially adapted timber according to your specifications and of the highest quality. Over the years, we have been involved with, and delivered specially adapted rot-protection-treated and untreated timber for Göta Canal, the Falu Copper Mine, preservation listed buildings and churches, piling of royal jetties and piers around Hammarby sjöstad.

AB Impregna product overview

Impregna marine building material

Our products are excellent as marine building materials and we supply the market with, among other things, piling timber and timber for stone caissons for the construction of jetties and piers.

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Impregna unplaned wood

Unplaned wood is excellent in a public environment because the risk of slipping is reduced and we offer it with wood protection treatment if desired.

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Impregna blocks

Two or four-sawn blocks in varying dimensions from 75 – 250 mm and in lengths up to 15 metres.

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Impregna log mats

The log mats are primarily in demand in the construction industry when buildings and infrastructure are built.

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Only the imagination sets limits

Wood is a living material that, when used properly, blends into the environment in a natural way. For it to be possible to adapt the wood to the most varied environments, the highest quality is required. Then the result will also be what you want. AB Impregna has the range you need. Above all, we can help you make the most of each new job through our flexibility. Narrow or wide, short or long, made to order or stock dimensions – just choose. If you do not find something that is suitable, we will produce it for you and deliver quickly.

You order, we are not content until you are satisfied. We have all dimensions and above all we have the longest lengths. This opens up new opportunities for you as builder. AB Impregna has the resources. As builder, you will appreciate having all materials from the same supplier. We arrange special transport for deliveries. Thus, we control the entire chain and can promise the highest quality and precision when we supply our customers with wood and other materials.

Under water, in water, by water – or far away from water; good craftsmanship always requires the right materials to work with. Regardless of whether a large port, a quay or just a small jetty is to be built, you always gain from using a supplier with the highest quality, fast delivery and ability to offer custom orders. Piles, decking, glued laminated timber, log mats or blocks for stone caissons are other areas where over the years Impregna has successfully provided builders with materials of the highest quality.

Apart from you getting everything from the same place, we also make fast deliveries. And we offer custom-made materials and are very flexible with that. Of course we also have standard ranges of planed and unplaned in spruce and pine.

Only the imagination sets limits to what we can achieve together!

Would you like to know more?

Contact Bosse, our expert at Impregna adapted wood products, on telephone number +46 (0)240-88253.