Rundvirke Lifecycle

We constantly develop our service to meet the customer’s expectations for additional services and to be continually competitive in the market.

Rundvirke Lifecycle is our established recycling system for recycling and/or destruction of discarded impregnated timber. Our products are renewable natural products and when they have become obsolete, it is obvious that we shall receive them in the best environmental way.


We can arrange quick collection of your discarded timber and transport it to one of our two reception facilities in Ludvika, Dalarna or in Kälarne, Jämtland. A fine environmental benefit when we deliver new poles, posts and sleepers and pick up discarded timber.


We analyse all incoming discarded impregnated wood with X-ray scanners that evaluate all the relevant elements in the wood in a few seconds. If, for example, the wood contains too much arsenic, we ensure that the hazardous wood is sent to the appropriate destruction facility; if the wood is acceptable we turn it into biofuel for the central district heating network, and also to heat our production facilities.

A greener cycle

We recycle discarded impregnated wood, even if it is classified as hazardous waste. Welcome to contact us for a greener cycle of your discarded timber.

Would you like to know more?

If you would like to know more about how we work with Rundvirke Lifecycle, contact Bosse on telephone number +46 (0)240-88253.