Impregna log mats

The log mats are primarily used in the construction industry when buildings and infrastructure are being built. Log mats are also in demand by shipping companies that use them to protect the bottom of cargo ships/barges from stones that are tipped into the vessel.

Log mats (excavator mats) are used to protect forest land, sensitive natural land and arable land against unnecessary wear by machines. The log mats are movable and roads can be made with log mats to protect forest road surfaces and watercourses.

Standard dimensions of our unplaned and unimpregnated log mats are thickness 190 mm, width 950 mm (five x 190), length 5500 mm. Screwed together with five 22 mm threaded rods.

We also manufacture custom-made log mats according to the customer’s wishes.

All mats are available with or without the recesses in the short side. This recess is for hooking in if the mats need to be lifted with a chain or similar. If the mats are lifted in another way, it is better not to have the recess

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