RVP Repellent

Creosote-impregnated pine poles do not always stand in suitable soil, so many years ago Rundvirke Poles AB in Dalarna, Sweden, began to develop complementary wood protection. The objective was to find a more environmentally friendly wood protection treatment without reducing quality. In close collaboration with leading chemists in academia and with innumerable field samples and climate chambers, Rundvirke Poles successfully developed RVP Repellent.

A pole in time

The RVP Repellent poles of from 7 to 23 metres are mainly produced in Ludvika, where the company has conducted operations for over 100 years and been involved in building Swedish infrastructure. Pinewood poles that have stood in the Swedish forest for up to 150 years undergo a rigorous quality inspection in each production step from felling, barking, turning, drying to the high-tech impregnation phase. RVP Repellent is first impregnated with a water-based metal salt with take-up according to the desired specifikation and then treated with an optimal recipe of mineral oils and vegetable oils. The combination of these oils encapsulates the important wood-protective copper in the wood fibres and minimises leaching of the copper.

The finished RVP Repellent pole is surface dry, odourless and easy to climb all year round, which is appreciated by line fitters, and also no storage permit is required.

The RVP Repellent poles were launched in Sweden in 2018 and market demand for more environmentally friendly pinewood poles is insatiable. By the winter of 2021, about 20 Swedish power grid companies have purchased RVP Repellent and several major power grid companies such as Vattenfall and EON advocate RVP Repellent.

Rundvirke Poles offers its poles for a more environmentally friendly world and in practice CO2-compensates each felled Swedish RVP Repellent pole with at least two planted seedlings.


Other certificates and documentation

Other relevant documents for downloading can be found on the Rundvirke Group’s common document base.

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Triss for Poles!

Rundvirke Poles has reached a “milestone” in getting national TV time in the current TV commercial for the Triss Lottery with our more environmentally friendly wood protection-treated Repellent pole. The commercial was made in the Nacka reserve in August and the production company wished to use odourless, easy-to-climb, Swedish-made pine poles of the highest quality. And of course, more environmentally friendly pine poles that do not need a storage permit. Naturally, the choice fell on our Repellent posts!

Environmentally friendly poles on Gotland

See how Elektroskandia Sweden uses Repellent poles for electricity grid maintenance on the island of Gotland.

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