Production process wooden poles

All production takes place at our two facilities in Ludvika and Kälarne in Sweden.

Wood raw material

Only Swedish quality pine is harvested, between 60 and 65 degrees latitude. The wood raw material comes from Rundvirke Skog AB.

Rundvirke Skog AB

Inspection and selection

All trees are inspected and marked before felling.


For best timber care, each pole blank is debarked immediately upon arrival at the production facility.


The pole blanks are stacked immediately after barking in piles for air drying for about one year.


When the moisture content of the wood is less than 28%, the pole blank is sufficiently dry for impregnation. To remove resins and obtain a fine surface finish, 3-5 mm of the surface wood is turned off. This procedure also ensures that the penetration effect of impregnating agent into the core is satisfactory.


The poles are impregnated with creosote oil which is a distillate from coal tar, or with a copper-based metal salt, alternatively with an additional wood preservative treatment with mineral and vegetable oils, all in accordance with all existing standards.


After impregnation the penetration and uptake of impregnating agent into the sapwood is checked.