Producton facilities

Ludvika and Kälarne

Rundvirke Poles currently has two complete factories with total annual production in a normal year of approximately 200,000 impregnated telephone and power line poles and about 250,000 sleepers and brace anchors. Both factories have receiving stations for the handling of discarded impregnated material. Our factories have railway tracks in the production areas, which we use for long-distance transport and for more environmentally friendly transport as far as possible.

Ludvika, Dalarna county

The factory is located about 220 km northwest of Stockholm, Sweden. Production started in 1925, and continuous modernisation has made it one of the most efficient plants in Europe.

Kälarne, Jämtland county

The factory is situated 120 km northwest of Sundsvall, Sweden. Production started in 1996 and it is one of the most modern facilities in Europe. During 2016 a completely new impregnation plant was built.