Pine sleepers

Track, switching and bridge sleepers are manufactured in accordance with the Swedish Transport Administration’s technical regulations. We have regular dimensions for fast delivery.

We offer three wood protection treatments in the production of sleepers, either creosote, CU, or our more environmentally friendly Repellent.

Track sleepers

We began manufacturing sleepers for track construction back in 1899 and sleepers are thus our oldest product segment. Over the past 120 years and more, impregnated wood sleepers have lasted extremely well in competition with alternative materials, and continue to be a material that rail track constructors appreciate.

Each year, we deliver some 250,000 line, switch and bridge sleepers. These go mainly to the Swedish Transport Administration or to one of their contractors; some go to Inlandsbanan, which is a major track owner.

The line sleepers can be delivered pre-drilled for Heyback fastenings and can also be delivered with mounted fastenings.

The line sleepers are manufactured in the dimension 2600 x 155 x 240mm and the switch sleepers in the same cross section in lengths of from 2750 mm up to 7250 mm.

Bridge sleepers

are manufactured in dimensions 225 × 225 mm and lengths from 3000 mm up to 4500 mm.

Narrow-gauge railway sleepers

We can deliver sleepers specially adapted for various narrow-gauge railways. The gauge dimension is normally one of the following: 600 mm, 802 mm, 891 mm, 1067 mm, 1093 mm and 1217 mm. These narrow-gauge railways preserve our Swedish and foreign cultural heritage and are most often used by old steam locomotives. We have also delivered specially adapted timber for attractions in amusement parks. The world’s oldest amusement park, ”Bakken” in Denmark, has invested in custom wood from us. The track width of sleepers and/or other wood is specially adapted as desired.

We are experts in recycling discarded timber

We recycle discarded impregnated wood, even if it is classified as hazardous waste such as old creosote sleepers. Read more under Roundwood Lifecycle, a greener cycle of your discarded timber.

Would you like to know more? Contact Henrik, our expert at Rundvirke Poles, on telephone number +46 (0)240-88259.

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