Environment & Quality

Rundvirke Poles’ management system is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as regards manufacturing, sale and delivery of impregnated power line poles, telephone poles, sleepers and other wood products.
The company is also qualified as a supplier to the Sellihca Nordic energy industry system and the Nordic transport organisations under Trans Q.

PEFC chain of custody certificate

Rundvirke Poles receives its raw materials delivered from its sister company Rundvirke Skog which has PEFC certification.

Production control

During the production process, we perform many different quality controls. Before impregnation, straightness, the presence of knots and knot clusters, twisted growth, etc., are checked. We also monitor the moisture content which may not exceed 28 % w/w before impregnation. After impregnation, penetration and absorption of the impregnating agent in the sapwood are checked. Before delivery, surface dryness of the creosote-impregnated products is also checked.


Rundvirke Poles satisfies the requirements of SS-EN 351-1 and NTR Document No. 1 “Nordic wood preservation classes and product requirements for preservative-treated wood”. We are therefore authorised to mark our products in accordance with the Nordic wood preservation classes.

Standard – Quality

Our products are manufactured in accordance with the most common standards.

Market Technical standard
Swedish SS-EN 50425 (1-45kV)
SS-EN 50341 (>45kV)
EBR impregnated wooden poles IN063
Swedish / Norwegian / Danish NTR Documents Nos. 1 and 2
Finland / Estonia BS 2662
United Kingdom BS 1990
European EN 14229
American AWPA C4
ANSI 05.1
ANSI 05.1a


Other markets in accordance to National standards/clients requirement.