For our products, we only use slow-grown, carefully selected Swedish quality pine wood (Pinus Sylvestris).

Creosote impregnated Pine Poles

The poles are treated with a retention of creosote according to buyers national

Standard and the following international standard

Brittish standard (BS 1990)

French Norms (C67-100)

American National standard (AWPA)

The creosote oils we use meet the following standard

  • WEI type B
  • WEI type C

Regarding dimensions we are follow the international standard

CU-impregnated pine pole

The pole is impregnated with a chromium-free and arsenic-free copper-based metal salt (Wolmanit/Tanalith) with absorption in accordance with the NTR requirements for Impregnation Class A.

As regards diameters we are follow the international standards.

(Svenska) RVP Repellent impregnerade furustolpar

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

Sleepers & brace anchors


Track, switch and bridge sleepers are manufactured in accordance with the Swedish Transport Administration’s technical regulations.

Track sleepers are manufactured in dimension 2600x155x240 mm (+5/- 2 mm) and switch sleepers are of the same cross section in lengths from 2.75 m up to 7.25 m. Track sleepers are also available supplied fitted with Heyback baseplates.

Bridge sleepers are manufactured in dimension 225×225 mm and lengths from 3.0 m up to 4.5 m.

Brace anchors

Brace anchors are drilled in accordance with various standards and manufactured in cross-section 155×240 mm and in lengths of 0.85, 1.3 and 2.6 m.

Undrilled brace anchors are manufactured with cross section 160×220 mm and in lengths of 1.3, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 m.

EBR sets and moss anchors

Rundvirke Poles can provide the following EBR sets:

EBR 0054
EBR 0056
EBR 0057
EBR 0060

Sleepers and brace anchors / EBR sets are impregnated in accordance with Impregnation Class NTR A, either with creosote oil or with a chromium-free and arsenic-free copper-based metal salt (Wolmanit/Tanalith).

For NTR-approved impregnating agents please see

Other products

Other products

  • Customised timber dimensions
  • Standard range of unplaned wood
  • Cylindrically turned poles of diameters 100-200 mm
  • Piling timber of spruce or pine in lengths up to 23 m
  • Two-edged or square-cut blocks of varying dimensions from 75 to 300 mm and in lengths up to 15 m

The products are available impregnated or not impregnated. These products are sold by AB Impregna.

Other types of poles or posts for animal fencing, wildlife reserves, vineyards, gardens and other applications are sold by Octowood AB.